Hi my name is Patrick and welcome to my website HD8 Photography, getting to this stage has taken more time than I’d care to admit. I do have another online presence in the form of a Flickr account and as good as Flickr is and similar sites I just felt that I wanted something more “stand-alone” than the above; anyhow here it is.

I’ve had several attempts at getting my site up and running but I’ve never felt settled and being a bit of an idle sod I’ve procrastinated and never got much further than uploading a few images, well hopefully that’s all done with and this is the home of my photographic endeavours.

There’s no specific focus (no pun intended) for the website,  so it’s going to be an eclectic mix of themes from people to landscape to still life and all the other observations in-between.

Over time I will add more images to the site and hopefully build a library of work which I hope you find inspiring and makes you want to go out and take photographs yourself. As the title says I’m a practicing photographer so you’ll find images that are perhaps not as technically perfect as I’d hoped but I like them and I’m happy with the work I’ve uploaded to this site.

In the fullness of time I’ll aim to write some articles and post them to the blog section of the site, I’d also like to hear from you and exchange ideas, you can contact me at the following: emailme[at]hd8photography.co.uk